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Design your stunning future

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Lord you so amazing that I can barely imagine that I am your daughter. Heavenly Father today I come to you as I am with my defaults and imperfections as a living sacrifice. Help me become more like you. Help me see your amazing traits in me as your daughter. Today I accept that you designed me with perfection and that I don’t have to be perfect for the world . Today is a new day and a new beginning in my mindset. Today I own who I truly am and to walk as your daughter. Today is the birth of the new Me perfectly imperfect in you Lord. Today I trust your word for me, your vision, your love. Fill me with your peace so I Start walking as a winner in you! Today I proclaim your name and your glory Father. You are the greatest designer so help me Lord.


Choose yourself through Him who strengthens you.

Praying is not supposed to be difficult or to be a science that has to be taught to you. It’s the most natural conversation with you Heavenly Father.

The day I realized He was my Father changed the way I was seeing and treating myself. And I started loving myself enough to start building my stunning life. I know after all what you went through it’s difficult to see yourself as a good person who deserve the best but I have a wonderful news for yo: if you don’t deserve the best, then nobody does. You are uniquely and wonderfully designed in the perfectly imperfect way so you can stay humble.

I have read the Bible and learn who to own all God’s love and to accept it. I decided to believe and to imagine how it feels to be the daughter of the most High. Lord.... it felt good and then I realize I am His princess. He is the only one able to love me enough to make me feel exceptional and alone in the world! So I started walking like a princess and the thinking like a princess. I didn’t know how to be a daughter because I didn’t have a family. Maybe like me you are coming from a very very broken family and maybe like me you don’t know what it is to be loved by a father. So I challenge you today to make you this gift of love.

it’s not the easiest thing to do in the beginning but you deserve it. Stop thinking that everyone else deserve the best but you and start seeing you through His eyes. It will change the way you see yourself and treat yourself. It will change the way you show up for yourself and for people!

So as your accountability partner I just want to tell you that He is right there by your side holding your hand and telling you how amazing you are. So please let’s start building your stunning life with the right foundation. I believe in you....because you are born to be crowned 👑

With Love

Coach Evangelist Mel

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