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Meet Coach Mel

There are very few people in this world, who make every adversity in their life as an opportunity. Instead of, losing hope and faith in God they cling themselves further to the ray of hope and the mercy of Almighty. I call such people as super humans. Not everyone in this world is courageous enough to conquer their fears of failure and emerge victorious.


However, Imelda Houssou Salmon is one of those super humans who’d made the best of her adversity and crucial times. Born in Benin, Porto-Novo. Imelda was the 3rd of five girls. From a very young age, she’d learnt to live without a father being constantly available for them. But he expected all her daughters to ace in school and get flying colors in tests and examination. It was all about results. Imelda then gave up on having the love and the attention of her parents. So, from a very young age she started working for God in the church. She devoted herself completely for this purpose. However, the first misfortune that landed upon her was nowhere else but in the church where she worked tirelessly.

She had never even imagined in her wildest dreams that God will test her in the place where people worship him and search for the tranquility of the soul, the same place robbed her of her innocence and her inner peace. She was 12 years old when she was molested in the church by a priest, she couldn’t gather the courage to serve the God in the same place where she’d undergone a physical, emotional and mental turmoil. She abandoned the church for her own sanity.


Later, Imelda and her family moved with their father at Ivory Coast. Her life was flowing smoothly and calmly hiding the thunderstorms of her past turmoil in the depth of her fake happiness and trying to be the good girl. She graduated in 2004 the official year when she’ll be set free on voyage on an untamed sea of hardships. Some points where there will be no one to pull her out of the abyss of loneliness except for her creator, her God.

Imelda left Ivory Coast to move to Sherbrook, Canada. This was her journey which she herself says as “Condemns her to excellence”. Surviving at Sherbrook was a living nightmare for her. All alone in a foreign land, no friends, no money she then moved to Montreal. It was  the turning point of her life or maybe the point where the grownup Imelda of 19 years old will seek a path back to her god which she abandoned at the age of 12. She realized that since her departure from her family, life deprived her of money, food and shelter. However, she still survived because God wanted her to. She could’ve given up and moved back with her father. Certainly, God had other plans for her, this tough journey would lead her to a beautiful destination, it will gift her something which she’d would cherish for years to come and be a source of an inspiration for millions of helpless women.

Quebec was her ultimate stop where her life was pleasantly changed in many ways. She met her soulmate, best friend now husband Vianney Salmon. The waves of life continued to calm down for her, she’d learnt whatever the journey was supposed to teach her. She overcame anger, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts by the grave of God. The same waves dropped her to the shore of the church Divine Redemption with Pastor Brou. He’d been kind enough to take her under his wing and guide her to find the answers which her soul was seeking, and it was just the time to feed her restless souls with the answers of divine calling.

Spring had finally started to blossom in her life. She was baptized in 2012 and obtained her spiritual Counselling certification in 2014. Later, she further strengthened her ties with church by joining the leadership team at the church and began her studies in Theology. Life was feeling like more than Heaven when she held her son Sheldon for the first time in 2016. That day changed her vision on life and realized she has the burning fire inside to let a great legacy to her son and the generations to come.


 With that vision inside, she pursued her studies in Theology managing her family, ministry and career side by side without compromising on any of them. She then continued to excel and feed her ravenous soul and finally she specialized in Pastoral  Counselling. She didn’t know to stop there determined to give the best to all the women who like her, believe life means constant hustle, standing still with the eyes burning with tears and desperation while life is trying to rob your capabilities and energy.

In 2018 she took a different subject and aced it, in 2018 she earned her certification in life coaching.

In 2019 she graduated as a Certified Pastoral Counselor in Christian Counselling and ordained as evangelist on June 9th, 2019.

Keeping her divine vision in mind, she is now finishing her master NLP certification. 

Imelda did not acquired all the knowledge simply to have a piece of paper testifying that she had studied the subjects or passed her exams, rather she firmly believes that the best use of knowledge is when it is put to use for the benefit of others, for removing the hardships and misery in one’s life. She is the founder of Mel Amazon Ministries & academy dedicated to women who are unable to grow and bloom in their fields because of the chains of past in which they are tied. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Imelda as the master of reviving the powers in shattered, broken and upset souls. That is exactly what an empowered woman does: empowering other women to set themselves free of the cages of their past and spread their wings to soar high in the skies and test their limits.

She is also a philanthropist who dedicate her life to revive the life of young people  broken with sexual trauma with her non-profit Faithmelh Foundation. She gives 25% of her income to her non -profit in her ministry and business for her non-profit.

Imelda is also the writer of the book ‘Claim Your  Crown And Be Bossy’ which was published on October 10th, 2019. This book is the elixir to resurrect life in the women going through a healing process. It guides them to be enough for themselves and not to rely on anyone for their wellbeing.

Her other book titled ‘Call me Queen’ would be released in June 2020, this book has captured her memoirs from the street to the greatness in the presence of God. 

If you are not working with her already, you must book a call right now because she is the advocate you want to walk you to the real you: the masterpiece of God.