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Mel Amazon Ministries and Academy
Because You are born to be crowned

Hi, I am Evangelist Imelda Salmon, the CEO of Mel Amazon Ministries and Academy, and author of Claim Your Crown And Be Bossy 


After 5 years of  spiritual counseling, God called me to do more for women. So, I went to the Canadian Christian Theological Seminary to study pastoral counseling and my love of evangelism and working for God, lead me here, With my knowledge, experiences and trainings, I finally cracked the code of turning the brokenness and the shame of the past into power. I decided to share my secret formula to heal and have a very strong mindset after being deeply broken by and abusive childhood..


I work with motivated women like you ready to stand out of the shame and use heir story to impact lives around them, discover their divine purpose and live their life free of any emotional burden!

This platform is designed to help you break the limiting beliefs, grap your uniqueness in the divine plan, define the spiritual foundation and the devin vision for your life. 

You are never alone during our time together. No worries! I have created a perfect framework to guide you step by step rebuilding your life with the word of God. With my team we combine our passion and skills to help create successful and healed  women conscious they are not called to be pretty and shut up. I am here  to move the world and transform it one story at the time. Our effective custom online system walk you straight to elevate your life to the next level.



Because she accepts no excuses, and have your best interest at heart. She will love you and kick your butt at the same time with fearless mindset sessions, helping you heal from your past ruins, discover your real worth to craft the life you want as a divine masterpiece. You will discover the keys to hack your mind and fix your life, learn how to get out of your confort zone to embrace your purpose and be spiritually equipped to face every situation in your life. She will lift you up in prayers, will give you a community to grow, a safe place to be yourself with your Heavenly Father and will help you grow not only spiritually but emotionally and socially.


With her, you are assured to become the best version of yourself and the Q.U.E.E.N you are designed to be.





Ruth D


This program completely change my way to think, my vision of life and of God. It was so much more than what I expected. Coach Mel really push you to be the best version of yourself but she is truly anointed because it was a personal appointement with God.  Icannot explain with words but  I am so thankful for her obedience to be used to change lives around her.

Sadia Orah


I recommend Mel Amazon Ministries and Academy to any young women who is struggling with self-esteem, confidence, or is in need of a life coach for support. Amazon ministries and academy is well structured with activities that are Bible based, which will impact and renew your mindset. Imelda will work with you and advise you on the tools needed to overcome your struggles in order to be successful. Invest in yourself.

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